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Flickr Flashes New Video Feature In Challenge To YouTube

The image-hosting site Flickr has launched an online video page that appears to be a natural rival to YouTube. However, most analysts think the move has come too late. It's an extension of the search engine wars: Flickr is owned by Yahoo, while ... Google owns YouTube. Though Yahoo already has a video hosting service, it's only available to media outlets and professionals. The new Flickr service will allow anyone to view videos, but only 'pro' members can upload footage. This will cost $24.95 a year, and even then clips will be limited to 90 seconds. That's in sharp contrast to YouTube, which ... (view more)

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A Comedic Paradise: Rooftop Comedy

Searching for comedy on the Internet is not always easy. However, the task just got a lot easier thanks to Rooftop Comedy. Rather than having to scour the Internet -- or even general video websites like YouTube -- Rooftop Comedy provides a single ... place that houses over one hundred clips from various comedians. And unlike what you may find on television, clips on Rooftop Comedy are uncensored. (Source: ) Rooftop Comedy states that their website was founded by "one comic, some Internet geeks, and former broadcasters." It offers a free membership which users can join to receive ... (view more)

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Active Media Screensaver Review

Just recently, I discovered another totally cool screensaver. Quebec based Esm Software makes Active Media Player Screen Saver, an application designed to play streaming video while your computer is idle. What is Active Media Player Screen Saver? ... Active Media Player Screen Saver (AMPSS) is a screensaver application capable of playing live video streams in MPEG, AVI, ASF, WMV, or QuickTime format. AMPSS also plays full motion video from your hard drive, giving you unlimited choices for video playback. Active Media Player Screen Saver: Features Play local or remote files: Play video files from ... (view more)


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