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Security Keys Could Kill The CAPTCHA

Humans as a whole spend 500 years each day completing CAPTCHA challenges according to a new estimate. The company behind the claim says USB security devices would be a more sensible way to confirm somebody is a human. The data from Cloudflare is ... about CAPTCHAs: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It's tests such as recognizing a string of letters on an unclear background or picking out images that contain a particular thing such as a boat or traffic light. The idea is to limit automated visits to a web page or form submissions, for example to limit ... (view more)

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Cloudflare 'CPU Spike' Glitches 16M Sites

One of the most important services on the Internet went down for around an hour this week, causing widespread problems on other sites. The glitch is a reminder of how fragile some aspects of the Internet are. Cloudflare is a website that offers ... several free and paid services designed to make websites more efficient. Two of its main services are traffic filtering and web caching. The former involves web traffic between a user and a website going through Cloudflare. During this process, the client machine is checked for signs of malicious activity. This can involve attempted hacking, but also ... (view more)

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Far Right Website Sparks Free Speech Debate

A company that protects websites from online attacks has stopped serving a far right website. But the man who made the decision says he feels uneasy about making such decisions. Cloudflare is designed to protect against denial of service attacks, in ... which people try to bring down a website by flooding it with bogus requests until it's inaccessible to legitimate traffic by real people. It's a tactic often used by hacker groups protesting against the organizations running the site, though it's also been used as a form of cyberwarfare. To combat such attacks, data going to and from ... (view more)

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Online Banks Get Extra Defenses Against DDoS Attacks

A company that helps protect websites against a popular form of cyber attacks says it's solved a major security concern. The change could mean high-profile websites can be much more resilient and secure. The company in question is CloudFlare, which ... offers services to defend against denial of service attacks (DoS) , including distributed denial of services attacks (DDoS) . That's where cyber attackers flood a website with bogus data requests, until the site (or server) is no longer able to deal with legitimate requests. Oftentimes such an attack will bring a web server to a grinding ... (view more)

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