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Format Section: MS Word

A newsletter or article usually begins with a larger title or headline. To have a headline span the width of several columns in MS Word, it must be formatted with a different number of columns. Formatting Pages with Section Breaks Whenever you have ... different page-level formatting applied to a single document, you need to break it into different sections with something called a "section break." In doing so, sections of a document can be formatted with different margins, page orientation, number of columns, headers and footers, page numbering, et cetera. For example: in a newsletter ... (view more)

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Mixing Column and Paragraph Formats in MS Word

By default, Word's normal template is set to single-column format; thus, when you type a paragraph, you are typing in single-column format. You can mix column with paragraph formats in the same document by simply changing the column format. For ... example, you may want to have your document open with an introductory paragraph or two, while the rest of the text is formatted in three columns. To do this, follow these steps: Type the opening paragraphs. Put your cursor where you want to begin the multi-column text. Go to Format | Columns. Enter 3 for the Number Of Columns, and make any necessary ... (view more)

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