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Create and Use Newspaper Columns: MS Word

Although tables are used to present text that must remain in side-by-side columns, they would be clumsy to use when creating a newsletter. MS Word provides a different feature that lets you create "snaking" or newspaper-style columns, where the text ... flows down the page in a narrow column and then continues to the next column. To establish this multi-column format, you'd use the Columns button in Word. Newspaper-style columns are used whenever you have a lot of text to fit on a page, particularly a large page. If the pages were printed in long lines that ran the width of the page, ... (view more)

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Copy Column Widths along with Data in Excel

Most folks know the agony of having to resize column widths in Microsoft Excel when you move data from one formatted spreadsheet to another. Thankfully, Microsoft Office 2002 and 2003 offers you some relief from this painstaking chore! Prior to ... Microsoft Excel 2002, you had to use the Paste Special menu to retain the column width settings of the source file. However, if you use the 'Smart Tags' function in Excel 2002 and 2003, your column widths will be reformatted in just a couple of mouse clicks! Simply follow these steps in Excel 2002 or Excel 2003: Copy the data that you want transferred ... (view more)

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