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EU Rivals UK over Consent of Behavorial Marketing

According to reports, the European Commission will soon begin an investigation into the British government's use of Internet surveillance. It could result in the government being forced to defend its policy on Internet privacy in front of European ... judges. Ironically, the investigation isn't a result of U.K. data retention laws . The legal action resulted over Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using controversial behavorial advertising without consent from their customers. EU Wants "Clear Consent" from Users According to the report , the European Union (EU) wants "clear consent" from ... (view more)

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EU Relaxes Microsoft Anti-Trust Monitoring

The EU-emblazoned noose wrapped around Microsoft's neck might soon be loosening. According to reports today, the EU (European Union) has announced that it will discontinue constant monitoring of the Redmond-based company for anti-trust violations. ... The EU has regularly attacked Microsoft over anti-trust matters and has for some time used a special, independent committee to constantly watch Microsoft's every move overseas. "Changes in Microsoft's behavior..." However, that's now changed and it appears that Microsoft might be owed some credit for the let-up. In a statement, EU ... (view more)

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What Does the EU Victory Over Microsoft Mean?

In a ruling that's expected to have far-reaching implications, the European Union (EU) Court of First Instance upheld European Commission claims that Microsoft abused their dominant position in the operating system (OS) market, siding with ... regulators in an antitrust case. The law suit began in early 2004. (Source: CNET News ) "The court ruling is welcome for its confirmation of the Commission's decision and its underlying policy, but nevertheless, it is bittersweet, because the court has confirmed the Commission's view that consumers are suffering at the hands of Microsoft" said Neelie Kroes ... (view more)


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