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'Config Inspector', and 'The Hunt Is On'

Config Inspector ConfigInspector displays the most important information about your system. The application possesses the same features as Windows XP task manager and much more! Key features of ConfigInspector: Displays list of working applications, ... Displays list of working processes, Monitors the memory status, Monitors the CPU and network utilization, .Displays the full list of CPU capabilities, Displays important Windows OS parameters, Displays Windows Network parameters, .Displays HDD status and information, Displays videocard information, Displayes soundcard information, ConfigInspector ... (view more)

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Problems running DOS applications in Windows?, Part 2

Recall -- Yesterday, Infopackets Reader Don R. asked if I had any suggestions for running old DOS programs in a Windows environment. In my response , I provided some links to sites with helpful DOS / Windows information (especially for games), but ... then asked Infopackets Readers for additional info. DOS-enthusiast Mike K. writes: " You're welcome to 'steal' anything useful from my website ( In particular, you might take a very quick look at LesSpace, PatchCRT, and some long-winded notes on running 'Old-Apps' in newer OSes and PCs. If you or any of your Readers have ... (view more)

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