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HP Investigates After 'Racist Webcam' Claim

Hewlett Packard has acknowledged a complaint that its webcam technology discriminates against darker-skinned users. But it doesn't address the racism issue directly -- instead, HP points to a technical limitation. Technology Locks onto Faces The ... allegations involve a feature in the webcam which recognizes faces and then "locks on" to them, automatically moving to keep the picture in the shot as a head moves around. The assertion comes shortly after a YouTube user uploaded a clip which appears to show that the feature fails to lock-on his face. (Source: ) In a company blog post on ... (view more)

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Change Image Control Settings: MS Word

When you have a picture selected, you can use buttons on the Picture toolbar to change it from color to black and white and adjust the contrast and brightness. Click the Image Control button and choose Grayscale, Black ... (view more)

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