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Shady Lawyers Uploaded Movies, Sued Downloaders

Two lawyers have been jailed for five and fourteen years respectively for an online copyright scam. The pair uploaded adult material with the specific aim of suing those who downloaded it. John Steele and Eric Hansmeir have been convicted on fraud ... and money laundering charges for their activities as "Prenda Law." The pair bought the rights to adult films and even produced their own material. They then uploaded it to file sharing sites and waited until people downloaded it. $3,000 Settlements Accepted Prenda Law then got court orders for Internet service providers to identify the ... (view more)

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Megaupload Founder Insists He's Broke, Defenseless

It's been less than a year since Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom appeared on CBS to discuss his controversial file-sharing business and show off a sprawling, 60-acre estate located just outside beautiful Auckland, New Zealand. Now, it appears that ... after a three-year legal fight, things could be coming to an end. Dotcom says he has lost everything in an attempt to defend himself against accusations of copyright infringement. With over 50 million visitors a day, Megaupload was one of the biggest file-sharing services established on the Internet. It's estimated that Megaupload at one time ... (view more)

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Megaupload, Kim Dotcom Lawyers Go On the Offensive

Megaupload's lawyers say that the United States Department of Justice's copyright infringement charges represent "prosecutorial overreach" and have no basis in U.S. law. The site's legal team made that argument in a white paper released to the media ... on Tuesday. According to that white paper, the Department of Justice is pursuing its case against Megaupload and site founder Kim Dotcom on a "theory" that the accused participated in criminal secondary copyright infringement. However, there's no basis for such an argument in U.S. criminal law. Secondary Copyright Infringement Not A Crime, Lawyers ... (view more)

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Megaupload Founder Starts New Filesharing Service

Despite the threat of deportation to the United States for trial, the man who started the controversial Megaupload filesharing service says he is working on a replacement. Kim Dotcom also says his new filesharing service will work in a way that will ... keep him safe from the long arm of the law. Megaupload allowed users to store files online, and also to access and download the files through either a private or public link. Not surprisingly, many people used the service to share copyrighted files, such as digital music and movies, without paying for them -- clearly a case of copyright ... (view more)

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New Zealanders 'Black Out' Internet In Copyright Protest

Web users in New Zealand are today blacking out their profiles on social networking sites to highlight objections to a new copyright law that orders Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to disconnect any user or websites merely suspected of copyright ... infringements . The photo blackout, which has extended to sites including Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, is just the first step in a week of protests. It will climax next Monday when websites are asked to take down their content for a day to demonstrate what life without Internet access would be like. The protests are organized by the Creative ... (view more)

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Are ISPs to Blame for Illegal Downloads?

Who's to blame for illegal file-sharing? Although in the past the immediate response has been to blame the individual physically downloading a movie, album, or video game, that could be changing. The new culprit may just surprise you. In some North ... American cities, a drunk driver isn't the only one fingered for wrong-doing. In many cases, the bar that got the perpetrator drunk is also found guilty of negligence, and can have its liquor license suspended for weeks, even months. Now, that idea is creeping up on the world of technology. Although the Record Industry Association of America, or ... (view more)

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