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Windows 10 Redstone: Major Update Due Summer 2016

Microsoft has unveiled some of the features for the next major update to Windows 10. Among the biggest surprise is better support for the world of Linux. The new features and tweaks will come in an update that's been codenamed Windows 10 Redstone. ... It's expected some time this summer and is planned to be the biggest update yet. Microsoft has likened Redstone to the level of change that came with Windows 8.1, though thankfully this time it will be less about undoing changes in the initial release that went down badly. Cortana & Action Center Overhauled The most visible changes for ... (view more)

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Windows 10 to Scan User Emails

Windows virtual assistant Cortana will soon step up scanning of emails by default, in order to make Cortana more useful. Whether its an improvement or a sign of creepiness on Microsoft's part is up for debate. The announcement comes almost 3 years ... to the date, where Microsoft publicly launched a campaign named " Don't get scroogled by Gmail ." In that campaign, Microsoft complained that Google's email scanning practice was unjust. Email Scanning Takes Note of Schedule Cortana's new email scanning is being tested among Windows Insiders - the group of users who have signed up to get ... (view more)

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How To Switch Off Windows 10 'Keylogger'

Some media outlets have accused Microsoft of building creepy keylogger spyware into Windows 10. That's a somewhat overblown interpretation, but some users may want to take the option to turn off the relevant setting. Traditionally references to " ... keyloggers " are about unauthorized programs installed on computers, often without the owner's knowledge and often through trickery. Such programs are designed to track everything the user types, then relay the data over the Internet to criminals who then look for passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account information. In this ... (view more)

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Windows 10 Cortana Button Could Replace ESC Key

Toshiba has announced that some of its forthcoming laptops will have a dedicated Cortana key. It's designed as an easier way to control the "digital assistant" feature in Windows 10. Cortana, which is already implemented in Windows Phone devices, is ... a similar idea to Apple's dedicated virtual assistant, Siri. While Cortana features spoken information and voice control, it also combines online searches with information on user devices or computers to increase relevancy. Some examples Microsoft gives include taking notes of ideas, delivering personalized news updates, or ... (view more)

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Windows 10 Consumer Preview to Debut January 2015

The first consumer features of Windows 10 -- albeit very much still in test mode -- may be just a few weeks away from public unveiling. Recent leaks suggest that the virtual assistant Cortana may be extremely prominent in the new system. Cortana is ... a voice recognition feature already present in Windows Phones and works somewhat similar to Apple's Siri and Google Now. The Windows 10 Consumer Edition Preview is expected to officially roll out to public testers in late January, 2015; some analysts suggest it will likely be on January 21st, as that is the date of Microsoft's next press event. ( ... (view more)

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Microsoft Hopes New AI Help Will 'Understand You'

Microsoft is hoping that its upcoming digital assistant, currently known as "Cortana", will be Windows Phone 8.1's must-have app. Although it's not yet known when the app will be available, rumors suggest it will be released as early as April 2014, ... and will likely be extended to run on the PC. The name "Cortana" is in reference to a female fictional artificially intelligent (AI) character in the Halo video game series for the Xbox / 360 platform, which was also created by Microsoft. In short: Cortana is Microsoft's answer to Apple's Siri application, which ... (view more)

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