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Steve Wozniak Shreds New 'Jobs' Movie

Steve Wozniak, the man who founded Apple along with the late Steve Jobs, is not a fan of the new film 'Jobs'. Wozniak suggested the movie, which stars Ashton Kutcher, is misleading. Wozniak recently took to tech blog Gizmodo to rant about the movie, ... which debuted last week. "I suspect a lot of what was wrong with the film came from Ashton's own image of Jobs," Wozniak said. Wozniak's main concern appears to be that Kutcher -- who made a name for himself on Fox's "That 70s Show" and MTV's "Punk'd" -- failed to capture the essence of Steve Jobs' real-life personality. Wozniak Working On ... (view more)

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Facebook Privacy Changes Under Attack

Even as Facebook constantly adjusts its privacy settings to make critics happy, privacy groups remain convinced that the site can do much more to protect the personal information of its many, many members. In a series of recent interviews, Facebook ... critics have launched new but familiar tirades against the site. Criticism of Facebook has been mounting over the past year. Privacy groups have sent a reported three letters to federal regulators claiming the site's executives are guilty of illegal activity -- including exposing user information to third parties without consent -- and they promise ... (view more)

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