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Crop a Picture: MS PowerPoint

Sometimes you insert a picture into your slide and you decide you don't need all of it. Hmmm... what to do? After you select a picture you can cut or crop the edit the edges off of pictures using either of the two procedures below: Click the Crop ... button on the picture toolbar. The mouse pointer changes to indicate cropping. Position the cropping pointer over one of the sizing handles. Press and hold the left mouse button and drag inward. The pointer changes again. To use the menus, follow these steps: Access the Format Picture dialog box and click the Picture tab. The Crop from area shows the ... (view more)

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Modify a Picture: MS Word

When you've inserted a picture in MS Word, the first thing you notice is where it's located and how large it is. You can modify the picture to fit your needs. Some of the ways you can change a picture include those outlined below: Size the picture ... (larger or smaller). Crop, or trim off, one or more edges. Change it to black and white or grayscale (shades of gray) instead of color. Increase or reduce contrast and brightness, just like a television screen. The first step in modifying is to click the picture to select it. When you do this, sizing handles appear at each corner and edge of the ... (view more)

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