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Microsoft Criticizes Google's Customer Care Initiatives

Microsoft has recently attacked Google in what critics say is the latest shot fired in the ongoing battle between the two companies. Microsoft openly criticized Google for their lack of customer support services. Microsoft has a reputation of ... offering consistent support via phone, email and online community sites like Microsoft Answers. Google, however, does little to offer support for their customers -- at least, according to Microsoft. Barbara Gordon, Microsoft corporate vice president of customer service and support, offered the following rhetorical questions as it relates to Google-based ... (view more)

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Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle: HD Cables AWOL

Parents, take note: Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite holiday bundle doesn't pack all the cables you need to take advantage of the console's high-definition potential. That's a change Microsoft has made in hopes no one would notice, and it could lead to ... some disappointed faces on Christmas morning. This past weekend, I purchased Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite Holiday bundle -- you'll recognize it by the two games on the cover, Lego Batman and Pure. On the surface, it's a good deal; two free games and a console Microsoft promises is less likely to suffer from the dreaded "Red Rings of Death" issue that ... (view more)

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