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Boston Man Charged $675,000 for Illicit File-Sharing

Last summer unlucky defendant Joel Tenenbaum was just the second individual defendant sued by the RIAA, or Record Industry Association of America, for illegal file sharing practices. His case led to an astounding $675,000 verdict in favor of the ... RIAA, and now a U.S. District judge has affirmed the original result. Tenenbaum, a 25-year-old Boston University student, was in July 2009 found guilty of illegally sharing just 30 files. The result marked only the second time an individual had been sued by the RIAA, who in an equally unpopular earlier legal crusade went after single mother Jammie ... (view more)

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i4i Just the Beginning of Texas Patent Cases for Microsoft

In the aftermath of i4i's patent infringement victory over Microsoft in a Texas courtroom, two more small companies are making their way to the Lone Star State in hopes that David will slay Goliath once more. About a week ago, Toronto-based i4i made ... headlines around the world after a shock courtroom victory that saw Microsoft ordered to pay them $240 million in patent infringement damages. Microsoft was also asked to stop selling their popular Word software within 60 days of the ruling. Companies Seek Unspecified Damages Now, Allvoice Developments (a U.S. provider of speech recognition ... (view more)

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