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'Daphne 1.54', and 'Windows Firewall Control'

Daphne 1.54 This small system tray application allows you to control, debug, and -- if necessary -- kill processes running in the Windows operating system. It's a handy alternative to the Windows task manager that allows you to quickly and easily ... terminate a process. http://www.drk.com Windows Firewall Control This handy little application extends the functionality of Microsoft's Windows Firewall. It gives you quicker access to Windows Firewall's most popular options. It runs in the system tray, making it quick and easy to access from the desktop. http://www.binisoft.org/ This ... (view more)

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'Daphne 1.51', and 'Samsung Kies 2.3.2'

Daphne 1.51 Daphne is a small system tray application designed to help users control, debug, and kill individual Windows processes. Users can kill any process they wish simply by dragging the mouse over the appropriate window. A right-click on the ... process in the main process list kills it, or they can kill it just typing its name with the "kill all by name" command. http://www.drk.com Samsung Kies 2.3.2 Now you can simplify, sync and keep your life up to date with the free software: Kies. This little package allows you to manage music, movies and photos with ease. You can also ... (view more)

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