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Cd Recorder

A CD / DVD recorder is a compact disc drive that can be used to produce discs readable in other CD / DVD-ROM drives. A DVD recorder similarly produces DVD discs playable in stand-alone video players or DVD-ROM drives. They are generally used for ... small-scale archival or data exchange, being slower and more materially expensive than the moulding process used to mass-manufacture pressed discs. The recorder encodes (or burns) data onto a recordable CD-R, DVD-R or DVD+R disc (called a blank) by selectively heating parts of an organic dye layer in the disc with a laser in its write head. This ... (view more)

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6 Key Elements for any Backup Strategy

Continued from Choosing a Backup Solution: An In Depth Look . As I outlined in my previous article, there are many backup solutions available -- but few that are designed to meet the requirements of virtually every computer user. Therefore, it's ... important to establish your backup strategy ahead of time before choosing the backup solution that is right for you. Whether it's a short term or long term solution, and for home or office use -- here are 6 key elements you can use in formulating your own Backup Strategy: 1. Determine the Frequency of your Backups Most (but not all) backup solutions ... (view more)


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