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My Personal Translator Review

Synopsis: Need to translate a web page or document in a jiffy? No problem! My Personal Translator translates between 14 language pairs, and works with word documents, web sites, and standard text files. For document files, it's as easy as 1-2-3: ... simply open a document, click the 'Translate!' button, and you're done! And for web pages, it's even easier: specify the web link, and My Personal Translator will translate the webpage for you! Once translated, you do not have to keep clicking on the translate button for every web page you navigate. It's not only convenient, it's smart! My Personal ... (view more)

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Web page doesn't fit properly when printed?, Part 2

Recall -- Last newsletter, Infopackets Reader Frank C. asked if there was a way to make a web page 'fit' properly on a page when printed: " I enjoy reading your newsletter very much. Whenever I find a particularly interesting topic, I like to make a ... hardcopy for later reference. Unfortunately, some of the information on the web page gets cut off when my printer goes to print the page (this also happens to me with other web sites). Is there a way I get around this problem? " I suggested 2 methods using Internet Explorer (adjusting margins and printing in Portrait mode, or try ... (view more)

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Document text does not align when pasted into email?

Infopackets Reader Eileen B. writes: " I have a resume saved in My Documents ... I am trying to apply for a virtual secretary job, and they want me to send the resume through e-mail, with no attachments. The problem is that when I try to [copy and ... paste my document into my email Window, the layout gets jumbled up] ... and believe me it doesn't look professional! Any ideas? " My response: Quite often, many users make the mistake of formatting a document with the Space Bar instead of using the Tab key to align text. When the document is copied and pasted into another window (as in ... (view more)

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Acrobat Reader Pdf Files Wont Open?

Yesterday, Bill B. sent me a question regarding Adobe Acrobat Reader. Wait a sec -- what is Adobe Acrobat Reader? Acrobat Reader is a free-to-use tool which reads documents which contain the file extension ".PDF". The Portable Document Format has ... been around for quite some time and is supported by all major computer platforms (PC, Mac, Unix, OS/2, etc). Acrobat is a popular pick among eBook developers because it provides many useful features, including: document encryption (IE: the ability to copy-protect all / certain aspects of a document), bookmarks, clickable links, clickable ... (view more)

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'Spy Detect' software -- is it a scam?

Infopackets Reader Bob T. write s: " Dear Dennis, First of all, thanks for all the great info. I have a security question for windows. With all the security I have, such as a firewall, and virus protection, I thought I was pretty safe when online. ... However, the other day I stumbled upon a web site that had the contents of my hard drive revealed to me through a link. The software is called Spy Detect . This is from a security firm that is selling software to stop this sort of thing from happening. I would like to know -- is my computer at risk? " My Response: This is a scam that preys ... (view more)


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