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Start Menu Goodies: Windows XP

When you click your Start button, Windows XP by default, displays two columns. On the left, you see programs, etc. Then you see a faint horizontal bar, followed by a list of recently used programs. On the right, you see locations – Microsoft Office, M ...y Documents and lots of other “stuff.” Now if you’re an advanced Windows user, you might know that you can put any program you want at the top of the left side of the Start menu by navigating to the program, right-clicking on it and choosing Pin to Start Menu. This works no matter how you get to the program. Any way that ..."/news/1134/start-menu-goodies-windows-xp" class="more-link">view more)

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Access old user account files under WinXP?

Infopackets Reader 'farzee2k' writes: " My friend has windows XP installed on his system. Somehow, he deleted his account so he is not able to access the files stored in his My Documents folder. He does not have access to the Administrator account ... either, so when he logs on through another user account, he cannot access the files stored in his original account. Is there anyway he can access those files?" My Response: All user account folders are (by default) located in C:\Documents and Settings. And, some user folders in the Documents and Settings directory are hidden. Therefore, I ... (view more)

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Eazy Backup Review

According to a recent IDC report , "more than 300 million business PCs have a combined 109,000 terabytes of data that is not backed up regularly -- which is about half of all the data on corporate PCs and laptops." That's 10 times the quantity of ... information in the entire Library of Congress! Unfortunately, I know first hand what it's like to lose important data. I never used a backup application until I had a hard drive containing hundreds of hours of writing, music, and video which all vanished in a blink of an eye. If it can happen to an "expert" computer user like me ... (view more)


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