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Google Drone Military Involvement Sparks Resignations

Around a dozen Google employees have resigned over the company developing artificial intelligence for use with military drones. An internal petition against the work has reportedly been signed by 4,000 employees. The protest is over Google's ... involvement in Project Maven, a program the US Department of Defense is developing to make better use of its aerial drones. It is said to collect so much video footage from its drones in war zones and other areas where the US has a military presence that it's not viable to have humans analyze all the material. The idea of Project Maven is to use computers ... (view more)

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Amazon Serious About Flying Drones Delivery Service

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... an Amazon drone delivering my Battlestar Galactica DVDs! Amazon says it's testing aerial drones capable of delivering packages to customers in less than an hour. However, it remains unclear how people will respond ... to the idea of having a small robot hovering at their front door. Amazon chief executive officer Jeff Bezos showed off the concept, tentatively called Amazon 'Prime Air', during an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS' evening news show "60 Minutes". (Source: cnet.com ) Drones Use GPS to Deliver Small Packages Prime Air uses eight-propellor drones ... (view more)

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Private Drones a Threat to Civil Liberties: Google

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt has warned that privately-owned drone aircraft could pose a threat to civil liberties. It's a somewhat ironic comment given Google's controversial Street View operations. Schmidt discussed the dangers posed by ... drones in a recent interview with The Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom. Schmidt says such drones have a long operating range and can transmit data wirelessly to the person controlling them, even passing on live video footage from an on-board camera. At the moment, federal rules allow only approved law enforcement agencies to operate ... (view more)

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