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Illegal Downloads Increase Despite Pirate Bay Ban

Law enforcement agencies around the world are taking steps to prevent the illegal distribution of copyright-protected materials through file-sharing sites like The Pirate Bay . However, new research from the Netherlands shows that illegal ... downloading has actually increased since that country took steps to block access to the controversial Sweden-based site. Back in 2012, Dutch courts ruled that Internet Service Providers in the Netherlands must make an attempt to block all access to The Pirate Bay. Those courts based their decision on reports indicating that over 90 per cent of the material ... (view more)

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Another Court Orders ISPs to Block The Pirate Bay

The assault on The Pirate Bay continues with five Dutch Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ordered by The Court of The Hague to block all access to the file-sharing site. The ruling comes only a week after a number of British ISPs were given a ... similar order by the UK High Court. UK Internet providers Everything Everywhere, O2, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media were told last week to block subscribers from accessing The Pirate Bay. The new ruling was motivated by the site's prolonged activity in providing users with access to content that, in some cases, violates copyright law. Supporters ... (view more)

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Dutch Court Makes Pirate Bay Walk the Plank

Illicit torrent site The Pirate Bay continues to face a wave of opposition in Europe. Yesterday it was revealed that a Dutch court had ordered the popular site out of the Netherlands, blocking traffic between it and anyone in the country. According ... to the Associated Press (AP), the Dutch court involved in the case told Pirate Bay founders that it must put in place measures to permanently block any traffic from Holland in the next ten days, or face hefty fines of 30,000 Euros each day. The court noted that Pirate Bay must "stop and keep stopped the infringements on copyright and related ... (view more)

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