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Movie Shrink and Burn 3 Review

Update 2013/01/21: We are absolutely delighted to announce that Ashampoo has agreed to reinstate a generous 35% discount for Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn 3 for all Infopackets Readers. This fabulous program not only shrinks and converts video ... files to another format, it also allows you to make your own custom DVDs. Makes a great gift and also great for archiving video permanently. Be sure to snap up this fine offer! But hurry - the 35% discount is a time-limited offer and expires Feb 11, 2013! Full 30 day money back guarantee is offered. The full review of Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn 3 ... (view more)

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New High Def DVD Format Comes In Peace

No sooner has HD-DVD bitten the dust and a new DVD format appears to be launching -- but its creators say they aren't looking for a war with Sony's Blu-ray. New Medium Enterprises, based in London, say their HD VMD system will cost far less and ... therefore won't be a direct competitor. HD VMD, which stands for versatile multilayer discs, is based on the red-laser system found in standard DVD players, unlike Blu-ray which uses a more expensive laser. This means HD VMD players should retail for around $199, one-third cheaper than the lowest-priced Blu-ray machines. To date, virtually no major ... (view more)

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