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NSA to Monitor Private-Sector Networks

Under the questionable guise of cyber security, the National Security Agency (NSA), in partnership with The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and AT&T, will be monitoring private-sector networks. The surveillance will continue despite the ... government's allegations that the NSA will only be scrutinizing data going to or from government systems. Whenever a person visits a 'dot-gov' (.gov) web site or sends an email to a government employee, their actions will be screened for potential harm to the network. NSA's History of Illegal Surveillance It's unclear exactly who is in charge of the ... (view more)

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Einstein Letter Blasts Religion, Nets $400K

What's worse for religious followers than declining church attendance and the rising popularity of violent video games, erotic movies, and the entire hip hop culture? Perhaps news that one of the twentieth century's most revered minds regarded ... religion as "pretty childish" and dismissed the notion that the Jewish people could be a "chosen people". Those words were actually written by Albert Einstein in a 1954 letter mailed to philosopher Eric Gutkind. The physicist's scribbled note reveals a lot about the personal beliefs of the genius largely credited for first splitting the atom, and it ... (view more)

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