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Share emails with separate user accounts under XP?

Not long ago, Barry M. from Africa sent me this email: " First off, thanks for all the great info! You've helped me come a long way with my PC confidence and knowledge. Much appreciated! I am running Windows XP Professional. The multiple user ... profile feature of XP is really handy, but I don't want to have separate email accounts in my Outlook Express. If it is possible, I would like all users to access the same information from their XP login accounts. At the moment, if I receive e-mails into my inbox while logged on under my profile, then those e-mails won't be visible to the next user ... (view more)

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The Klez Virus and its dirty tricks

Infopackets Reader Lou G. write s: " Dear Dennis, Last week I was flooded with Klez virus containing emails which didn't effect my PC as I avoided opening them until I had tested the sources by replying. One source which constrained an obvious virus ... attachment was sent by someone who has denied knowing anything about the virus. It has become obvious from my communication with this person that another web site where both of us are listed was the source of information that the hacker used. The hacker used this source to gain both a "From: and a "To:" for their dirty trick(s ... (view more)

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Changing Domain Registrars

Last week the last issue of the Infopackets Gazette was sent out. At the same time, a configuration change was made to the web server which hosts What happened? It's a long story, but I'll try to reiterate in simple mumbo-jumbo ... without too much techy-talk. As you may already know, has experienced a major growth spurt in the last few months and has outgrown its current web server configuration. Therefore, it was decided that should be moved to a dedicated web server which offers unlimited bandwidth to fit the needs of its users. A purchase was ... (view more)


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