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Google To Make It Easier To Quit Mailing Lists

Google is adding a 1-click link for Gmail users to stop unwanted marketing messages. But the system won't work in all cases, especially when it comes to dealing with the worst spam offenders. The new service works along the same lines as the ... unsubscribe link which many legitimate websites use in their bulk email messages. More often than not, however, the unsubscribe link is often difficult to find. Typically, it's buried at the bottom of a lengthy email that the recipient didn't want to read in the first place. Another problem is that the unsubscribe link isn't always a one- ... (view more)

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Sending Distribution Lists to Another Person in MS Outlook

You may have occasions when you want to share an Outlook distribution list with another person. Luckily, MS Outlook makes it very easy to do. Follow the steps below to share a distribution list with another person: Open your Contacts and click one ... time on the distribution list (or contact) that you want to send. To select multiple distribution lists/contacts, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking. The distribution list displays in an email message. Complete and send the email message. All the recipient has to do is open the email message, then drag the distribution list icon to his or her ... (view more)

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Send Document as Email: MS Word

Whether your colleagues are in the next office or in another country, sharing files isn't very difficult with MS Word. You can turn a document into the body of an email message or you can send a file as an attachment to an email message. You don't ... even have to leave Word to send the message! When you send a document as the body of an email message, it doesn't lose it's formatting. It is sent in HTML (hypertext markup language) format, the same way web pages are formatted for universal viewing. What makes this particularly useful is that when you receive a document in HTML format, you can edit ... (view more)

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