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New Energizer Phone Has Beast of a Battery

Energizer has made a smartphone that is not surprisingly all about the battery. Though to be fair, it's got six times the capacity of some leading models. The few people who've seen the phone say it's bordering on impossibly big, but that it does ... provoke debate about the way phones suck up electricity. The Android-based handset is called the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop. It has a battery capacity of 18,000 mAh. To put that into context, it's three times more than a Motorola phone that's specifically marketed around long battery life. It's also around six times more than many flagship Android ... (view more)

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Energizer USB Battery Charger Injects PCs with Malware

Symantec researchers have discovered that the software accompanying Energizer's DUO battery charger may have been injecting PCs with malware since May 2007. Energizer has recently discontinued the product, but for those who've already purchased the ... charger, it's important they know a workaround for the problem. Trojan Creation Date Not Known According to Symantec Global Intelligence Network director Dean Turner, it's tough to tell if the Trojan has been kicking around the full three years. "It's really impossible to say for sure that this Trojan has always been in the USB charger- ... (view more)

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