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Windows 8 Set for Xbox Live Integration

Mike Delman, Microsoft VP of Global Marketing for Interactive Entertainment Business, recently revealed to the Seattle Times that Xbox Live will soon be integrated with Windows 8, making it available to users via PC for the first time. The Xbox Live ... offering for PCs falls in line with Microsoft's new plan to begin live television , expected to make its way to Xbox 360 consoles this fall. "Live has been successful on the Windows Phone and Live will be built into the PC. It will be the service where you get your entertainment," said Delman. (Source: latimes.com ) Billions of Entertainment Hours ... (view more)

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Bach Out as Microsoft Entertainment Undergoes Shakeup

Microsoft has reorganized its entertainment section after word that division president Robbie Bach will retire this fall. Combined with news that another very public entertainment figure, J Allard, is leaving the company, Microsoft has been forced ... to do some major tinkering with the division. Robbie Bach has been a part of Microsoft for over two decades. The 48-year-old became a prominent part of the company after he helped establish the first Xbox game console, released in 2001, as an industry heavyweight. Unfortunately, other Microsoft devices have not proven so popular under Bach's watch, ... (view more)

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The Liberation of Digital Media?

A consortium of Hollywood studios, retailers, service providers and other tech companies are banding together to liberalize digital media while still retaining property rights. Called the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), the group's ... basic premise is to give users the ability to store digital content remotely and access it anywhere across multiple platforms including home-based and portable players. DECE members are hoping their plan will replace the "ease and comfort" that users now experience with DVDs. (Source: reuters.com ) Of course, in a digital world the rules are a ... (view more)

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