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Registry Mechanic 2011 Review

Update 2011/11/23: We've contacted PCTools and were able to finagle a generous 30% discount for Registry Mechanic 2011 (PC optimizer) for our Readers. This offer expires Wed, Dec 07, 2011 at 11:59PM EST, so don't wait! This most excellent deal ... includes a 3 PC license (you can use it on 1, 2, or 3 Windows PCs: both 32 *and* 64bit supported). An fantastic bargain, indeed! Proceeds from this sale support our website. Access the 30% discount here , or continue reading the review below. The Registry Mechanic 2011 download + 30% discount link are also at the end of the review. Excellent news for ... (view more)

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Registry Mechanic 8 Review

Excellent news for anyone who uses MS Windows -- Registry Mechanic version 9 has just been released! Registry Mechanic is the long-standing market leader among Windows Registry Cleaners -- and it's not because of great marketing or a massive ... corporation behind it -- no, Registry Mechanic has the #1 slot simply because it works! Subscribers to the Infopackets email newsletter will have read Dennis Faas raving about this product for years; now I've tried it for myself, I can only agree with his praise. And with this very special release, we've arranged an exclusive offer just for you! Why do ... (view more)

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Clearing the Print Area in MS Excel

You have learned in the past how to set a print area within a worksheet. This area is used to define exactly what range you want to print. Sometime later, you may want to delete this print area. To clear up any confusion, I am talking about getting ... rid of the special area designation, not the information contained within that area. Follow the steps below to clear the print area: Select Print Area from the File menu. Excel displays a submenu. Select Clear Print Area from the submenu. If you are using Excel 2007, you clear the print area following the steps below: Display the Page Setup tab of ... (view more)

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Sharing Contacts with vCards: MS Outlook

A vCard presents contact information as an electronic business card that can be sent via e-mail. vCards are based on an open standard, allowing any application that supports vCards to share contact information. In addition to sending a vCard as an ... attachment, you can also include it with your message signature. When you receive a message with a vCard attached, a paper clip icon appears in the preview pane to indicate the attachment. Use one of the following methods to add the data in the vCard as a contact entry: From the preview pane, select the paper clip icon and click the filename that ... (view more)

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