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Windows Form Parking Window Error?

Infopackets Reader Jimmy B. writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm running windows XP and use Webroot Spy Sweeper and Norton Anti Virus. Sometimes I'll be using my computer when -- all of the sudden -- I get this very strange error message that reads 'Windows ... Form Parking Window' error and it shuts my computer down. What is Windows Form Parking Window and how can I stop it from appearing? I've done a Spyware and AntiVirus scan of my computer and haven't come up with anything. Can you help? " My response: From what I read via Google, the "Windows Form Parking Window" or " ... (view more)

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Windows Movie Maker CD project failed burn?

Infopackets Reader John L. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently used Windows Movie Maker to create a video compilation. When I was finished editing the project, I clicked the 'send to CD' button, which then launched a Movie Maker Wizard. The wizard ... took me step by step and explained how to convert my project into a Windows Media Audio/Video file and ultimately burn it to CD. I chose to burn the file to CD-R so that I could play it in my DVD player; however, near the end of the burn, Windows Media Maker reported that the project "did not save successfully". After I clicked OK, I ... (view more)

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Scandisk and Defrag Report Out Of Memory Error?

Infopackets Reader Ken A. writes: " Dear Dennis, Whenever I try to run Scandisk (and Defrag), Scandisk gets 2/3 through the operation and reports an error message which reads: 'Not enough memory to continue. Close all programs to try again.' Even ... with all programs closed down still cannot run Scandisk. I have Windows 98SE (second edition). I hope you can help! PS: Love all newsletters -- they're great! " My response: Microsoft Knowledge Base article # 229154 states that this error may occur if your hard drive's cluster size is less than 8k. To correct this error, you will need to ... (view more)

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Windows Update XP won't download Critical Updates?

Speaking of securing your PC and keeping it protected from Hackers -- Infopackets Reader Riad S. writes: " Dear Dennis, I run Windows XP. I recently ran the Windows Update scan (by clicking Start -> Windows Update) and now it gets stuck at 0% ... activity, then finally aborts with an error message that reads: ' Windows Update Error. Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page. Error no.(0x800C0005) '. I tried all suggestions on the error page, but with no result. Can you please help?" My response: According to , the hexadecimal error ... (view more)

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CD Recording Problems at 24x?

Infopackets Reader Victor R. writes: " Dear Dennis, I recently bought a CD-RW 24x10x40 drive and have used to to copy two disk without trouble. Lately, I tried to make an audio CD from files that I downloaded from the net. I got up to 75% completion ... and then my computer had a fatal error. The error was 'Vcache (01) +00000fc7 Error: oe: c004E663'; I wasn't sure if my computer was fast enough for the 24 spin recorder, so I tried slowing the speed of the copying process but still received the same error. As another possibility, I turned off the virus protect and all other running programs ... (view more)


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