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'Blank And Secure 3.92', and 'EverNote'

Blank And Secure 3.92 Hate not knowing if the sensitive data you just deleted is really gone? Blank and Secure is designed to permanently delete the information you want eliminated forever. It's also careful to protect your privacy and even ... overwrites data with zeroes before the deletion process is complete. http://www.softwareok.com/ EverNote If you're looking for an alternative to Microsoft's OneNote program, then give EverNote a try! This handy tool makes it easy to take notes and then sync those notes across multiple devices -- like computers, smartphones, and ... (view more)

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'EverNote', and 'Splash Lite 1.8.3'

EverNote Looking for a free alternative to Microsoft's pricy OneNote software? Then check out EverNote. It allows you to instantly and easily record and save your ideas. You can then access those ideas from any web-connected device. ... http://evernote.com Splash Lite 1.8.3 This high-definition media player is completely free. It allows to play all of your favorite clips and movies, whether they're downloaded over the Internet or recorded on a home camcorder. No additional codecs required, just download and watch! Please note that you'll need to enter your email address to initiate the ... (view more)

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Evernote Used to Deliver Malware: Report

Security firm Trend Micro says it has discovered a malicious software program that employs online notepad service Evernote as a communications tool. Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking software utility that allows users to place "notes, web clips, ... files and images ... on every device and computer." (Source: evernote.com ) That means you can make a note about a recently-discovered favorite wine on your smartphone and have that note instantly show up on your home computer. Unfortunately, it seems this handy little program has been exploited by cyber-crooks. Evernote Used to Communicate with ... (view more)

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'Yawcam 0.3.9', and 'EverNote'

Yawcam 0.3.9 Yawcam is a webcam software utility for Microsoft Windows written in Java. The main idea behind Yawcam: Keep it simple and easy to use but include all the useful features found in most other webcam tools. Yawcam is completely free. ... http://www.yawcam.com EverNote This handy and popular note-taking program allows you to save your ideas, as well as what you like, what you hear, and what you see. Later, you can search your notes by keyword, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images. Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone, and mobile device. http:// ... (view more)

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'Mozilla Firefox 3 3.6.12 Final', and 'EverNote'

Mozilla Firefox 3 3.6.12 Final Firefox 3.6.12 fixes a critical security issue that could potentially allow remote code execution. But it's not just about being safe; instead, it's about having fun, too. Check out all the new "persona" add-ons that ... allow the Firefox faithful to get creative with their favorite web browser. http://www.mozilla.com EverNote Evernote is a program that helps you to capture text and images, and then makes it easy to find that information fast and accessibly virtually anywhere. http://www.evernote.com This freeware software program is brought to ... (view more)

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