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'Trashing' Facebook

Call it inevitable. As Facebook continues to take over the computer screens of bored cubicle dwellers and exhausted college students, the site has become the target of investigation at Oxford university in England. (Source: upi.com ) For those ... familiar with Facebook, it's entirely understandable that the site could be used for investigating one's activities, relationships, or general personality. Many of these details are listed on a user's page, under windows for events, groups, or simple banter between friends. Unfortunately, the administration at Oxford university, according to a few, have ... (view more)

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Will Facebook's Expansion Turn that Smile Upside Down?

The still-chic Facebook may have finally sold out. The online community, which seems to have eclipsed MySpace as the next big user managed environment, has taken a rather commercial turn. Facebook will now allow major Internet partners, 65 in total, ... to craft their own applications for the website, with programs ranging from news feeds to -- alas -- new and more exploitive advertising ventures. (Source: clickz.com ) For those who aren't yet familiar with it, Facebook allows those who join (for free) to upload photos, videos, and other personal notes to their very own "space". Not to be ... (view more)

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'Young People are Just Smarter,' Says Facebook CEO

22-year-old Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to create the social networking phenomenon. Judging from his recent comments, Zuckerberg probably didn't attend any age discrimination or public relations classes during his ... short stay at the ivy league school. Zuckerberg, in a recent event at Stanford University, has made it clear that he doesn't think experience is important; rather, it's being young that's an asset. "I want to stress the importance of being young and technical," he said, explaining that start-ups should only employ the young and technologically- ... (view more)


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