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Windows 10 Update Schedule Could Change

Microsoft is reportedly planning to only have one major update to Windows 10 next year. It could be a permanent switch and appears inspired by requests to have Microsoft spend more time testing updates before releasing it to the public. The idea ... with Windows 10, sometimes dubbed 'Software as a Service', was to ditch the old model of releasing a totally new version of Windows every few years. Instead, Microsoft has based updates around a mix of security updates (either monthly or as needed for the most serious problems), monthly tweaks and fixes, and then two major updates each year. New ... (view more)

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Next Big Windows 10 Update Now Available

Microsoft has unveiled full details of the next big Windows 10 update, dubbed the May 2020 Update. Users can manually download it right now, though that might seem unwise option for the average home user in due to any unreported bugs in the ... software. The May 2020 Update is one of the two major updates this year that introduce new features, rather than making minor tweaks or fixing security bugs. Five years into the initial release of Windows 10, and it appears that the threshold for "major" changes appears to be getting lower. The May 2020 Update really only has two completely new features to ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Block Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Infopackets Reader Joe P. writes: " Dear Dennis, I understand that Microsoft has started releasing the Windows 10 May 2019 update. These updates align with the twice-a-year large updates and require the computer to restart several times during the ... update process. I have had problems with Windows 10 feature updates in the past and want to block the Windows 10 May update from installing on my machine in case there are major issues being reported. What do I need to do to block the Windows 10 May update? " My response: Generally speaking I don't advise blocking any Windows Updates (even feature ... (view more)

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