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Vulcan Mind Meld Becomes a Reality, Sort Of

A University of Washington scientist has transmitted his own thoughts over the Internet in order to make another man's finger move. But he insists this breakthrough isn't quite Star Trek-style Vulcan mind control. The project is designed to explore ... the way the brain operates with electrical signals. (Source: ) Professor Rajesh Rao wore a special cap that monitors the electrical signals, or brainwaves, in the skull. Although he didn't physically move, he imagined moving his finger. To make the thought "more powerful", he did so while looking at a computer screen showing a video ... (view more)

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'Finger Print', and 'Firelog Xp'

Finger Print A utility to see if any files in one or more directories have been created, deleted, or changed since the last scan. It's useful for checking if a program, e.g. viruses and trojans, has changed your all-important Windows files (this is ... similar to such security software as Tripwire). The use of MD5 checksums guarantee detection of file changes. FingerPrint can also be used to find duplicate files, search for files with a specific MD5 value, and save MD5 values to file (and compare with). A command line version is also included. ... (view more)

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