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Mac Hacker Wins $10,000

A security researcher won $10,000 for hacking a MacBook Air in just two minutes. Rubbing salt in the wound, he said Apple's operating system was the easiest of targets. The competition, held at Vancouver security conference CanSecWest, challenged ... entrants to break into one of three laptops: a MacBook Air running the latest version of Macintosh's Operating System, a Fujitsu running the latest edition of Windows Vista, and a Sony Vaio running Ubuntu, an operating system based on the open-source Linux system. All three machines were protected with the latest security patches offered by the ... (view more)

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Yahoo Mail Again Secure

For those like myself who use Yahoo's online mail service everyday, the recent announcement that a security leak has been rectified is welcome news. A few problems have arisen this summer, including a Javascript flaw featuring the Yammaner worm with ... the ability to attack all versions of Yahoo web-based mail except for the most recent (Summer 2006) version of the program. News of the threat was first reported in mid-June, but the most serious attacks appear to be from threats arising earlier this month. Emerging in Late July, Yahoo mail users were susceptible to an attacker with the potential ... (view more)


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