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'RoboForm2Go 7.10', and 'FlexTk Express 4.7.30'

RoboForm2Go 7.10 RoboForm2Go gives you the freedom and flexibility to carry all your passwords, contacts, and bookmarks, with you for use on any computer, anywhere in the world. Since RoboForm2Go runs directly from the USB drive, you can use it on ... any computer without leaving any personal data behind. The free version is limited to 10 logins. Special note from Dennis: I personally have been using this program for the past 7 years on all my PCs and it is updated frequently. A highly recommended, A++ program! I use it no less than 25 times a day. Use RoboForm to automatically log you into ... (view more)

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'Irotate', and 'Flextk'

Irotate Irotate allows you to flip your monitor on its side and run it in portrait mode. This is especially useful if you work with or read documents on a regular basis. iRotate also provides convenient access to the native rotation capabilities ... present in contemporary display drivers, via a popup menu accessible from the system tray and optional system-wide hotkeys. It's no longer necessary to resort to bloated Windows hacks, additional software layers, or phantom drivers to achieve content rotation. http://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/irotate.shtm Flextk FlexTk is an integrated file management ... (view more)

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