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Google to Predict Flight Delays before Airlines

Google is attempting to predict flight delays before airlines announce them. In some cases, it might be before the airline even knows it is going to happen. The new feature will be added to Google Flights, a service that lets users compare different ... options and find the best flight for their needs. This can take account of factors such as whether the user wants to prioritize price, direct flights vs layovers and total travel time. It also allows users to compare details such as baggage allowance. Incoming Flight Delays Among Key Data Once a user has booked a flight, the service can already ... (view more)

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Google Predicts Flight Ticket Price Hikes

Google is to start warning users when flight ticket prices are likely to rise. It adds forecasts to a current system that works with actual price changes. The feature is coming to Google Flights, a dedicated search tool which lets users look for ... flight prices. While several travel sites offer similar tools, Google argues that its is easier to use. It's no secret that ticket prices change over time. While there's an element of last-minute drops as airlines try to avoid empty seats, there's also a broader trend of prices increasing as the weeks count down to a flight, the theory ... (view more)

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FAA Dismisses Plane Hijack Hack Theory: Report

Last week a security researcher based in Europe revealed that, using some hardware and software available on eBay, he was able to develop an application that could be used to remotely control a commercial plane , mid-flight. That researcher was ... Germany's Hugo Teso, who demonstrated his trick by producing a special Android app that automated the process of taking control of a plane and then re-directing it. The app, which is called 'PlaneSploit,' takes advantage of security vulnerabilities in the aviation industry's communications systems. (Source: gawker.com ) Teso said he was working closely ... (view more)

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'Microsoft Flight', and 'SafeAsHouses Password Safe 1.0'

Microsoft Flight Now anyone can enjoy the fun, freedom and adventure of flight with Microsoft's powerful flight simulation software. The simulation lets you feel the power at your fingertips as you take to the skies, launch into thrilling missions, ... and accept exciting challenges over the Big Island of Hawaii, where the simulation is free. http://www.microsoft.com SafeAsHouses Password Safe 1.0 Here is a totally free software utility that brings you a light-weight password manager and safe. The software will hold all your passwords securely, using password protection to prevent unwanted ... (view more)

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iPhone Catches Fire On Airplane

A flight attendant on an Australian commercial airplane saved the day after a passenger's iPhone spontaneously burst into flame. No one was harmed. As dramatic as some accounts try to portray it, the event may have been a relatively tame one. ... Reports: iPhone Exploded in Mid-Flight Several major news outlets claimed that the phone exploded, and that it did so in mid-flight. The fact is that the airline's official statement says the incident took place after the flight had landed. It also did not mention an explosion. Rather, the airline says the phone "started emitting a significant amount of ... (view more)

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Airline Ditches Paper For iPad

Alaska Airlines will soon issue its pilots with iPads as a replacement for paper documentation. The main reason for the switch is that the 1.5 pound iPad is lighter. Compared to flight manuals that are roughly 25 pounds, the iPad 2 offers a ... significant savings in weight. Often the paper bundles are so large that it must be carried in a special bag. Among the documents are manuals for specific flights and the systems used on particular aircraft. There are also documents about the procedures that flight crew must follow during a flight. Heft Printing Costs Wiped Out Although buying the iPads ... (view more)

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NASA Flies Drunk

Drive drunk, and you'll lose your license, your job, or maybe even your life. However, it seems there's (quite unbelievably) more tolerance for getting behind the "wheel" of a billion dollar NASA rocket while under the influence. According to ... various reports released last week, astronauts were allowed by NASA to fly despite being considerably intoxicated. Although details are sketchy at best (no one seems to know when the incidents occurred, on what space craft, or who the astronauts were), it's another black eye for American space flight not long after the much-publicized attempted assault ... (view more)

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