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Flock: A New Type of Web Browser

Flock is a free Internet browser based on Mozilla Firefox that is tweaked to let you socialize with the rest of the planet more easily. Last week, I received an email from Flock asking me to try the newest beta version. I tried it out for awhile and ... now you'll know what I think of it. Flock: Setup After downloading Flock and installing it, I was presented with a wizard that tried to walk me through the setup. Flock uses several free services that allow it to do some unique things. I had a few problems getting through its Wizard, mainly because I wasn't signed up for all the services Flock ... (view more)

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Flock Founder Tired of Criticism

Flock is getting some negative attention as of late. People wonder why they need to use a browser like Flock now that Performancing Firefox plugin allows them to blog from Firefox using many different blogging platforms. Recently, Flock's Chris ... Messina , addressed some of the Flock backlash on his blog. It's a good post . He said: Here's the thing. We've actually been pretty certain for some time that most of the features that we build into Flock will be eventually be ported back over to Firefox as extensions. Or become commodity features in other browsers. That's the way open source should ... (view more)

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