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Apple iPhone Supply Threatened by Foxconn Brawl

China's Foxconn facility, which produces Apple devices like the iPhone, was recently shut down after 5,000 Chinese police were dispatched to break up a massive melee involving 2,000 factory workers. About forty people were reportedly taken to ... hospital for treatment following the incident. Foxconn may be the world's most controversial manufacturing plant. With 79,000 employees producing a wide range of popular electronic gadgets, it's an absolutely massive facility. Workers Complain of Poor Pay, Long Hours However, Foxconn has faced great change in recent months. First, employees caught media ... (view more)

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Apple CEO Visits Controversial Manufacturing Plant

Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook has now visited Foxconn, the eastern Chinese manufacturing facility that has been at the center of a media storm these past few months. Last week Cook toured Zhengzhou Technology Park, where many Apple ... products, including the newest version of the popular iPad, are produced. Cook has never before visited China. According to reports concerning the high-level visit, at one point Cook met with and was subtly scolded by a top Chinese official. Foxconn Workers Report Being Treated Like 'Animals' Zhengzhou, which employs about 120,000 people, is the best known ... (view more)

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Apple Supplier Promises to Raise Employee Wages 25%

Foxconn Technology, the major international electronics manufacturer based in Chengdu, China, has recently revealed that it will increase employee wages by as much as 25 per cent. The news comes as Foxconn and its many clients, including Dell, ... Hewlett-Packard (HP), Microsoft, Samsung and Apple, face increasing pressure from the international media for some of the ways workers at Foxconn plants appear to be treated. Several weeks ago, after an eye-opening report by US media outlet CNN, testimonials from Foxconn workers went global. Worker Accounts for Brutal 60 Hour Work Week, Low Pay In one ... (view more)

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Report: Apple Supplier Employees Treated like 'Animals'

Apple is under intense scrutiny this week following a CNN (Cable News Network) report revealing brutal working conditions at a supplier facility in Chengdu, China. Apple, meanwhile, say it insists it asks suppliers to treat employees with respect. ... CNN recently visited the Chengdu-based Foxconn Technology Group plant where it interviewed an 18-year-old factory employee. Known only as "Miss Chen" to the CNN audience (to protect the identity of the worker), the young employee was astonished when presented with an Apple iPad, the product she helps to make. Chen, like many workers at Foxconn -- ... (view more)

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