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SnapTube App Accused of Massive Subscription Fraud

An Android app with 40 million downloads has been linked to large-scale fraud against phone and tablet users. The "SnapTube" app reportedly tricks users with a free trial that leads to an expensive and unwanted subscription. The operators of the app ... say they were previously victims of illegal activity by an advertising partner but have now fixed the problem. SnapTube is a tool that was downloaded from the Google Play Store 40 million times before being removed. It was billed as a way to download videos from Facebook and YouTube, something that's not possible with those services own ... (view more)

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Facebook Expands Free Security Software Program

Facebook has announced an improvement to its antivirus marketplace. At the same time, the social networking site also announced it will begin working closely with security companies to build a database of dangerous, rogue websites. The security ... software will be featured in Facebook's antivirus marketplace, which launched this past April. The marketplace allows security firms to promote their products and allows users to choose one antivirus product for a free trial, then extend their coverage with a paid subscription. Facebook says 30 million users have visited the marketplace since it ... (view more)

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Email Overload? 4 Top-Rated Programs Help Manage Your Inbox

If you asked people what the most time-saving mode of communication is, many would choose email. But when you consider all of the wasted hours spent ridding your inbox of spam , the choice is not so clear. Sure hundreds of spam filters exist, but ... these programs leave many people wondering if an important message has been flagged and removed from their inbox unbeknownst to them. While spam does complicate the entire emailing process, a number of products also exist to help manage junk mail without losing a single piece of important information. Spam-Free Emails Spam Arrest does a great job ... (view more)

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