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Folding Smartphone Screens Could Be Gamechanger

Samsung looks set to release a phone with a giant foldable screen. But rumors of the price are varying wildly. Reports suggest that the phone will fold out a little like a book. When open, the screen will be more than seven inches across, meaning it ... resembles a small tablet computer. When folded, the device will be the size of an ordinary smartphone and, although a little thicker than most phones, should fit easily in a pocket. The idea is that the design would dramatically change what's viable with a phone. For example, working on document editing would be much more bearable for the user. It ... (view more)

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Eye and Voice Logins Compromised

Two biometric security measures have come into question after reporters and researchers claimed to have overcome them. A phone's iris recognition and a bank's voice log-in both appear to be less than perfectly secure. The Samsung Galaxy S8 - ... arguably the most high-profile and hyped phone currently running the Android system - includes an option to unlock the phone by simply looking at the camera. In a similar way to fingerprint recognition, it works on the idea that the patterns in the eye's iris are unique. Samsung described these patterns as "virtually impossible to ... (view more)

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Samsung Galaxy S5: Best Smartphone Ever Built?

The next version of Samsung's very popular Galaxy smartphone comes equipped with two extremely handy new features. According to reports, Samsung's new Galaxy S5 will be both waterproof, dustproof, and come with sturdy curved casing. Samsung has ... taken charge of the smartphone market in recent years and much of that dominance is due to the success of the Galaxy series. Both the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S3 were runaway hits with consumers who prefer an Android-based device to a smartphone running Apple's iOS mobile operating system. Galaxy S5 Not the First Waterproof Phone But ... (view more)

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone: iPhone Killer

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S4 smartphone may be one of the most anticipated non-Apple mobile devices, ever. Setting this smartphone apart: a unique camera system, global LTE roaming capabilities, a new scrolling feature, and impressive gaming ... support. We recently reported on the Galaxy S4's ability to scroll around based on the movement of a user's eyes. But that's not all that's drawing attention to this device. In fact, consumers are buzzing about the Galaxy S4 for many other reasons. For one, the new Galaxy will feature front- and rear-facing cameras that can be used at the exact same time ... (view more)

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