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Insiders Speculate Decline for Sony and Playstation 3

Last November, Microsoft faced intense criticism upon the release of its Xbox 360 console. Many die-hard Xbox "fanboys" -- gamers dedicated to Bill Gates' wares -- were unable to purchase the system due to massive production shortages. Those with ... their eye on the industry recognized a ridiculousness in Microsoft's pitiful attempt to attract Japanese gamers (who typically flock to Nintendo and Sony events) when the North American market was starving for more Xbox 360s. The end result? Millions in lost business on this side of the Pacific and thousands of 360s gathering dust in Japanese game ... (view more)

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High Score: Can The World Keep Up With Video Games?

With Microsoft increasing online capabilities and downloads via Xbox Live in anticipation of the release of the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and Nintendo Wii, the gaming landscape is busier than ever. And it's exciting too: console launches have become ... events occurring about once every four years, making them rare affairs. As the industry continues to grow, excitement over such releases has become comparable to the popularity of the Olympics and perhaps even the anticipation of a U.S. presidential election. But, is gaming growing too fast? Can the North American culture and economy keep up with ... (view more)


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