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Google Answers Get Recycled

Although Google pulled the plug on its Google Answers service in November, not everyone who worked on the project was quite as willing to toss their service in the trash. A group of researchers who worked on the Google Answers project have decided ... to reincarnate the service into a similar one called Uclue. Uclue is definitely reminiscent of Google Answers. It allows users to ask a question and set a price, ranging from $5 to $250, in return for having their question answered. Although Google eliminated Google Answers when the service failed to rake in solid traffic, the researchers who worked ... (view more)

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Google All Out of Answers

Google usually makes headlines for introducing new products and continually expanding the Google empire. Last week, however, brought different news: Google has actually announced the end of one of its services. The victim? Google Answers. Google ... Answers was launched back in 2002, and was the company's first project. The service allowed users to ask questions and set a price for how much the answer was worth to them. Other users could then answer the question and receive payment; Google also benefited from the 50 cent listing fee. (Source: ) What Google Answers failed to capture, ... (view more)

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