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Google Maps links White House to Offensive Terms

Google has apologized for an ongoing quirk by which searching for racist terms in Google Maps brings up the White House. It's the latest in a string of embarrassing problems with the site. The precise results users get on Google Maps depends on what ... they type into the search query, where they are currently located, and which location they are looking at on the map. At the time of writing, searching for an offensive term beginning with 'N' brought up the White House if you were already viewing a location in the Washington DC area. (Source: ) Several other reports ... (view more)

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Apple iPhone, iPad Map Service Hilariously Awful

Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad users are complaining loudly that the combined software upgrade and elimination of Google Maps has resulted in Apple's new mapping service yielding some odd location-based search results. The problem affects anyone who ... has upgraded to iOS 6, the latest version of Apple's operating system (OS). The new OS for later editions of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad was released just before the debut of the company's iPhone 5. Apple Cuts Google Maps with Software Upgrade Until recently, Apple used Google's mapping services on its devices. Now it has decided to drop that ... (view more)

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Google Maps Save Lives Down Under

Is there anything Google can't do? Google mapping technology, the subject of intense international criticism last week with the introduction of the Latitude location-based social application, steps in to save the day by mapping raging Australian ... bushfires. This weekend, as the largest bushfires Australia has ever seen ravaged the landscape, engineers at Google Australia lent a helping hand by creating a Google Map that tracks the progress of the fires and provides essential information to those at risk. The map allows Australian citizens to keep track of clear, threatened, and danger zones ... (view more)

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