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Google Kills Google Video, iGoogle, Other Services

Google has announced it will finally close its original video hosting service, Google Video, and will keep both YouTube and its video search site running. The decision, along with the closure of four other services, is part of Google's ongoing ... program to ditch ideas that didn't work out. The search giant says it has abandoned more than thirty programs since fall, 2011. Google Video was first unveiled in 2005. It was originally designed to host videos for users who didn't have their own web servers or couldn't cope with the traffic, if a lot of people watched their clips. After buying the ... (view more)

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Google Video Begins to Materialize

After a haze of uncertainty further blurred by the acquisition of YouTube, Google Video is beginning to resemble a legitimate video search engine. When Google Video was first announced, its plans and purpose remained a mystery; not only to the ... public, but also to Google. Even Google co-founder Larry Page admitted, "We're not quite sure what we're going to get, but we decided we'd try this experiment." (Source: ) However, the ambiguity was cleared up in January, when Google announced its plans to mould Google Video using one of the company's definite strengths: search. Months ... (view more)

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New Feature for the Google Search Index: YouTube Videos!

An influx of online videos is expected to infiltrate the Internet following Google's recent announcement that the YouTube video library will now be a major part of their search index. Whatever the topic, Google search results will attempt to yield ... the most appropriate match from their YouTube database. If the user wishes to watch the video, they just simply click the "video" tab feature that will accompany the web result. The videos will not appear as web results themselves. (Source: ) Representatives from Google Inc. commented on the recent changes to their search engine ... (view more)

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Hockey Fans Rejoice: NHL now on Google Video

Did you miss last night's hockey game? Well you, and me -- and every other hockey fan for that matter -- are in luck! Early last week, NHL Interactive Cyber Enterprises -- the digital division of the National Hockey League -- announced a deal that ... will provide Google Video with fresh NHL video content. In addition to providing select NHL classic games, the NHL will also show the current season's full-length games (on delay) via Google Video. (Source: ) If you log on to the web site, you can now view and download dozens of recent hockey games organized by team, as well as a fairly ... (view more)

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