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My Windows 98 PC Won't Update to Grisoft AVG 8.5?

Infopackets Reader 'katjh' writes: " Dear Dennis, I am running 2 Dell computers and they are connected by a router. The newer computer is windows Vista and I have been purchasing the Norton antivirus that came with the computer from Dell. The older ... computer is Windows 98 and I have been running Grisoft Avg (free antivirus) 7.5 for a long time -- however, it now says I can't update it to AVG 8.5 and my computer will not be protected from new viruses. Is there something else I can do, or do I have to worry about it? I really can't afford to spend any money on it. Thanks much. " My response: ... (view more)

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Freeware Antivirus?

Infopackets Reader Donna E. writes: " Dear Dennis, My subscription to Norton AntiVirus is about to expire and I am thinking about switching to a different software company for my virus protection. I have done some reading on the Internet, but I am ... still not sure of which products are the best. I have Windows XP Professional on my computer and use DSL for my Internet connection. PS: Thanks for all of your wonderful advice in the newsletter! " My response: I personally use Symantec Norton AntiVirus on my system, largely because Symantec has an excellent reputation for quickly ... (view more)

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