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Microsoft CEO: Blu-Ray DVD En Route to Xbox 360

Well over a year since the HD-DVD format bit the dust , Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has hinted that a Blu-ray drive could be on its way to the Xbox 360 console. Like its nigh-forgotten HD-DVD add-on, a future Blu-ray player would be an accessory ... device, and not built-in as with Sony's PlayStation 3. Microsoft's HD-DVD player, which attached to the Xbox 360 via USB cable, launched about three years ago. Back then, the Toshiba-fostered format was an equal challenger with Sony's Blu-ray; although the latter offered greater disc storage capabilities, HD-DVD players were much cheaper and the ... (view more)

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LG Makes the HD Choice Easier, More Expensive

Still confused about whether to leap into the next-gen high definition movie market? For those boasting big bucks, LG has a solution with its slightly reduced (but still quite expensive) dual Blu-ray and HD-DVD player. Although appearing to take ... sides by using the moniker "Super Blu Player," LG's device is equally proficient with the Toshiba and Microsoft-supported HD-DVD format. At $1,000, it's also about 16% cheaper than the last Blu-ray and HD-DVD player introduced by the company. (Source: digitalhome.ca ) So, what's the point? For those of us who have watched a movie in HD, the technology ... (view more)

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