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Single and Double Line Spacing in MS Word

A reader recently wrote to me regarding a problem with Line Spacing in MS Word: "Having trouble with single and double line spacing, especially when starting in double and inserting a heading, and then further text in [single], spacing is not equal ... between heading and text. Do I swap [to single] line at end of heading?" My response: Some heading styles in MS Word employ spacing before and after and this is most likely what you are referring to when you say the spacing is not equal. If you highlight your heading and then right-click on it and select Paragraph, under Spacing you will see that ... (view more)

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Working in Outline View: MS Word

A reader recently wrote me asking, "What are the main uses of Outline View in MS Word? " My reply: I wrote an article on this subject in January for Infopackets and I am going to redo it just for that reader! Using MS Word's Outline View is just ... wonderful for very long documents and can save you oodles of time. Why? You should be familiar with MS Word's styles and headings and make use of them. If you do that, Outline View will allow you to view all of your Headings collapsed to any heading level you desire. Using Outline View is an excellent method to get to a section in your document very ... (view more)

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Add a Table of Contents to Your Document: MS Word 2003

You've composed a very large, very informative document. And now you want to configure it so that your readers can navigate it easily using a Table of Contents (TOC). Defining Style To begin the process, you will first need to properly format your ... document with Styles. Highlight the document text that you want to show up as table of contents major sections. Next, depress CTRL-ALT-1. You can highlight more than one paragraph at a time by depressing your CTRL key (even if the paragraphs aren't in sequence). This will apply the Heading 1 style to your text. This text stands out from the rest and ... (view more)

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