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Report Condemns Government Cyber Security

A Senate committee has slammed cyber security in eight federal government agencies. The committee said most were failing basic security standards and had shown minimal improvements since a previous report. The report comes from the Committee on ... Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. It followed up on a similar report from another committee in 2019. Both reports looked at issues including: Whether the agencies adequately protected personal information. Whether they kept track of the various IT equipment and systems they used. Whether they installed security patches quickly enough. Whether ... (view more)

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MS Issues Emergency Patch for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has issued a fix for an Internet Explorer security vulnerability so serious that it prompted the United States' Department of Homeland Security to warn Americans against using the popular web browser. Somewhat surprisingly, Microsoft has ... also provided a fix for Windows XP -- even after promising not to do so. The Internet Explorer (IE) flaw was discovered last weekend. If left unpatched, it could allow hackers unprecedented access to a remote PC. Security experts say that Internet Explorer users could become instantly infected simply by visiting a malicious website or clicking ... (view more)

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Homeland Security: US Banks 'Actively Under Attack'

According to the United States' Homeland Security chief, America's biggest financial institutions are "actively under attack" by hackers. Experts suggest it's a troubling scenario that is only going to get worse. Homeland Security chief Janet ... Napolitano recently discussed this problem at a cybersecurity event hosted by The Washington Post. In her presentation, Napolitano told attendees that cybercriminals are actively stealing data and money from major US banks. However, she stopped short of providing much detail. "I really don't want to go into that per se...I'm not giving you any classified ... (view more)

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