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HP Slate 500: Win7 Tablet PC Available Friday

When it launched a few weeks ago, the CTL 2goPAD -- a Windows 7-powered tablet PC -- received an incredible response, with anxious buyers grabbing up all available stock in less than a week. For those who couldn't get their hands on the 2goPAD, take ... note: the first prime-time PC maker is ready to release its own Win7 tablet, and will do so later this week. HP Slate 500 to be Released Tomorrow Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is the world's largest PC maker and will on Friday, October 29th release its Tablet PC Slate 500, arguably the most-anticipated tablet computer since the Apple iPad was first ... (view more)

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Win7 iPad-Like Tablet Receives Questionable 'Unveiling'

A video on YouTube has recently surfaced that claims to be an iPad-style tablet computer running Windows 7. And while such a device is currently being developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP), it's far from certain whether or not the gadget in the video is ... genuine. HP Slate Production Speculative It's been known for some time that HP was working on such a device, codenamed the HP Slate, which has also been used in the past as a generic term for portable touchscreen computers that don't have a separate keyboard. There had been some speculation that the company was ditching the idea of using Windows, ... (view more)

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Win7 Tablet PC's to Rival iPad, HP Slate Due Soon

Apple's new iPad is making plenty of headlines this week. But Microsoft, and the PC sector in general, are quick to highlight the Windows-based tablet computers which will rival the device. The most conspicuous response to Apple's iPad launch came ... from Hewlett Packard (HP), which has released a YouTube video showing off its forthcoming HP Slate. That's a tablet computer announced earlier this month running Windows 7 and apparently set-up to handle electronic books bought from Amazon's store. Though the device is produced by HP, Microsoft is heavily involved in promoting it. Indeed, Microsoft ... (view more)

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