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Nokia Launches 'Repairable' Smartphone

Nokia has launched an Android phone specifically designed to be repairable by the user. The G22 handset was made in cooperation with spare parts and repair site iFixit. Being unable to easily repair a handset (or even to get a third party expert to ... do it) has been one of the biggest frustrations for many phone owners. It often means having to replace an entire handset because a single component has failed, causing both financial and environmental damage. While some manufacturers have made phones with easily replaceable components, they tend to be less well-known brands and carry a premium ... (view more)

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Dell XPS 10 Easiest Tablet to Tinker With: Report

A few weeks ago I passed along an iFixit report which found that Microsoft's new Surface Pro tablet computer was harder to repair than an Apple iPad. With the Surface Pro employing a battery glued to the frame and more than seventy small screws, ... iFixit was forced to discourage readers from ever opening the device for home repairs. Now, iFixit has released a new report that ranks tablet computers based on their 'repairability.' Important factors considered in determining a repairability score include the number of screws and amount of glue used to keep a device together. Surface Pro, iPad 2-4 ... (view more)

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Surface Pro Tougher to Repair Than iPad: Report

A new report finds that Microsoft's newly-released Surface Pro tablet computer is tougher to repair than an Apple iPad. The device, which officially launched on February 9, 2013, is reportedly built in a way that makes it very tough for an owner to ... perform their own hardware maintenance. The report comes to us from consumer technology hardware blog ifixit, which after performing a teardown of the Microsoft Surface Pro reports that "Microsoft has essentially glued down anything that could be glued, making it incredibly difficult for a user to repair on their own." Battery-Gluing Arouses Anger ... (view more)

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