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Facebook Labels Users Conservative or Liberal

Facebook users in the US may be able to find out if the site thinks they are conservative- or liberal-leaning. It's a side-effect of a new tool that makes it easier to influence advertisements which appear on the users' newsfeed. As reported ... recently, Facebook recently added new options which allow users to indicate that they don't want to see advertisements in the news feed related to specific topics. The new changes come as Facebook also prepares to roll out additional measures to prevent ad-blocking software from working on the site. To view the settings, users can visit their ... (view more)

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Consumers Wowed by Samsung at CES Summit

According to a recent report, Korean-based hardware producer Samsung appears to have drawn the most interest amongst those following the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The CES summit is one of the biggest tech-enthusiast shows of ... its kind and only happens once a year, every January. The findings in the report are a bit surprising, given that Samsung made little mention of tablet computers, which happens to be one of the most dominant topic at this year's CES. Instead, Samsung focused most of its effort at touting upcoming television technology, including 3-dimensional TVs ... (view more)

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Sarah Palin A Winner On Google Zeitgeist List

Sarah Palin may have lost her vice-presidential bid, but she has won at least one prize this year by topping Google's list of the most popular search terms. Rather than measuring the raw number of searches for a particular term, the list measures ... how rapidly a term increased in popularity. Google dubs the study 'Zeitgeist' after a German phrase translating as "the spirit of the times". (Source: ) 'Sarah Palin' topped the global list with Obama in fifth, which has several possible explanations. First, Obama was relatively well-known at the beginning of the year, while Palin came to ... (view more)

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