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Microsoft Offends With Japan Earthquake Relief Tweet

Microsoft is in some hot water after one of their latest Twitter posts was misconstrued as a ploy to use the horrific natural disasters in Japan to promote the Bing search engine. Since the now-upgraded 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck last week, the ... media has reported hundreds of people killed, and thousands more missing. A subsequent tsunami, which slammed parts of northeastern Japan, has sent the death toll skyrocketing still higher. In the aftermath of such devastation, Microsoft sent out the following tweet early Saturday morning: "How can you #SupportJapan -- http://binged.it/fEh7iT ? ... (view more)

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Cashless Payments Using Mobile Phones

Japanese mobile phones consistently deliver high-speed connections, digital television broadcasts and super-fast video downloads. It's not that Japan is hoarding the technology; the country is very willing to share their innovations with the global ... market. Still, some Japanese products (despite their efficiency) continue to fair poorly in North America. A number of Japanese manufacturers are once again venturing westward in the hopes of financial success. Their North American promotional tour will be headlined by the "wallet phone". Don't let the name fool you. The "wallet" tagline does not ... (view more)

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Sony No longer PG-13?

Is Sony assisting the adult entertainment industry? In terms of technical support, the answer is yes. Japanese companies creating films with adult content have encountered problems while trying to mass produce their products for Blu-ray disc. ... However, there is no need to worry, as Sony has come to its rescue. According to the director of administration for a Japanese DVD replication firm, "Companies cannot press Blu-ray discs because they cannot touch adult-related contracts. So we asked some makers in Taiwan to do the work, and then we import the discs back to Japan. The Taiwanese company ... (view more)

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YouTube under fire from Japanese Entertainment Industry

YouTube has agreed to discuss copyright issues with a Japanese group, the company said last week. The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) had sent a letter to YouTube earlier this month requesting stricter ... copyright policies. The letter was sent on behalf of the JASRAC and 22 other Japanese entertainment industry associations, including the Motion Picture Producers' Association of Japan, Yahoo! Japan and all of the major commercial television broadcasters. (Source: pcadvisor.co.uk ) The reply, which was signed by YouTube CEO Chad Hurley and CTO Steven Chen, ... (view more)

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